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Attribution organic sources


I was wondering if someone can explain how the attribution feature works in AC. Does it look like GA in the sense that it shows organic sources like organic search and referrals as well as paid channels? Or is it only looking at utm tagged URLs?

Also, from screenshots of the attribution feature I can find I can only see the touch points for individual contacts. Is there some way to see aggregate data on this as well (basically like in GA)?


Hi @conversioncompany,

Great question!

Attribution helps you measure what marketing activities had an impact in getting a contact to achieve a desired business objective. Specifically, this feature allows you to measure conversions and touchpoints (traffic sources) leading up to a conversion in ActiveCamapign. For a more detailed overview of attribution check out this help doc.

The touchpoints (traffic sources) are made up of a combination of paid sources and organic traffic sources, so it is similar to GA in that sense. However, within ActiveCampaign there is not a way to aggregate the data; you can only view the individual contacts, so it differs from GA in that sense.

Hope this helps!


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Can attribution works withOUT using UTMs?

How does it recognize “organic” sources like Google My Business or Bing organic (which are important alternate sources of traffic)?

Infusionsoft uses browser and IP data to automatically assess the contact’s traffic source - can (or will) Active Campaign do this?

Hi @powertrainproducts,

There HAS to be UTMs for the sources in attribution to work. However, I would recommend scheduling a one-on-one to discuss your needs and our options.



Hi Perry, and that includes the touch points as well - correct?

So to be clear, there is NO way to effectively track true organic referrals (Google/Bing Search) - correct?

Are there any 3rd party tools we can use WITH A/C to provide this data?


Hi @powertrainproducts,

That does include touch points as well and you can’t track organic referrals without the use of attribution and UTMs.

A 3rd party tool that might be a good solution is Google Analytics. However, since Google Analytics doesn’t share personal information there wouldn’t be a way to attribute that data to specific contacts in ActiveCampaign. Another solution that we integrate with, that could be a good option is Wicked Reports.

Hope that helps!


It’s disappointing that attribution can’t track SEO or untagged referral websites. For many, those two sources will be over 50% of their total traffic which makes me feel like the Attribution is rather limited and I feel incomplete.

Hi there,

I reactivate this thread.

The following page clearly talks about search engine attribution.

We upgraded for that very point but so far (we are still not live but are “live” testing") could not see any organic attribution. Only UTM are working.

Could you please describe clearly what is possible or not with the attribution module?

Thank you very much!


Yes, @bigrep3dprinters they do state “SEO” on that page.

There are two features for will be useful:

  1. Search - Organic

  2. Initial Touch Points Prior To Form Completions

Both features should be technically possible.

I’d love to have an update on this too.

An update would be great. We upgraded for exactly the same reason. To date, it seems limited. Very limited. Too limited!

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The lead source is not getting captured if the url doesn’t have lead source in it, only paid campaign leads are captured so we want to identify the leads which is coming from organic and social media etc.
and store the values in source and campaign etc

It’s incredibly misleading that ActiveCampaign does not track organic search visits in the Attribution report out of the box. It’s highlighted on this page and is one of the reasons I advocated for switching to ActiveCampaign from HubSpot. Needs to be fixed ASAP.