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Anonymous site tracking


I wonder how to track anonymous site visits.
I copied and pasted in the site footer the script with the track_cmp variable = ‘’.
But - when I can see who (IP address?) have visited what?




Hi Franceso —

When you install the script, ActiveCampaign begins tracking every visit/view. When that visitor is identified by giving you their email address, all the pageview data from the past will be attached to their contact record.

So, the data is being gathered but is inaccessible until they opt-into a list. Once we have their email, we can create a contact record and display the data. After that, All Site Tracking data for that contact will display in real-time.

Let me know if you have any more questions about this.


Just chiming in here guys, but I think this would be an awesome feature. Allow me to explain.

AC tracks all site visits. Just doesn’t display it unless we received the email address. But what if AC actually shows us all site visits and names each of them as Visitor 324f2E or Visitor 6543dS?

This would be a goldmine of data for us.
We can get answers to:

  • What pages are popular
  • What mix of organic + paid media brings the visitor back
  • How often does a visitor return (and again, what brings them back)

I would LOVE to know this information.
If one day I log in and see data like:

Visitor 324f2E
Viewed 36 pages
Average Site Duration 3 minutes 5 seconds
Average Session Duration 2 minutes 16 seconds
Most viewed page is /pricing.html

Nov 31: Viewed /intro.html via Google Adwords
Oct 2: Viewed /how-to-win-dui.html via Organic
Oct 3: Viewed /what-to-do-immediately-after-dui.html via Organic
Oct 7: Viewed /best-lawyer-alaska.php via Adwords
Oct 7: Viewed via Adwords
Oct 9: Filled form at
Oct 9: Viewed /pricing.html
Oct 9: Viewed /what-answers-to-give-lawyers.html

I believe this feature would be simply amazing.
If AC doesn’t have it, and someone knows of another tool, would love to know.



This handled by Google Analytics.


Can you please elaborate?


@breakthroughemailmar - would you mind diving into this a little more?

Which features of GA and AC do you utilize to achieve this level of granularity?

Have you used alternatives such as Kissmetrics, Heap, etc?


Reviving this thread as we’re new to AC and I’m not seeing what Brian wrote about past page view data being visible after the contact opts-in to a list. I can see activity after the contact is created but nothing before. This is critical as we want to know what pages were visited BEFORE they contact us.

BTW, I’m not sure what opt-in to a list means. I created a list and manually added a contact to that list. Is this ‘opt-in’?


Hi @Ravi,

The contact must submit a form/subscribe to your list before you can see what pages they visited. So, until that contact is known in the ActiveCampaign platform you won’t be able to view what pages they visited. Here is a super helpful doc. that goes into a bit more detail on this as well.

‘Opt-in’ is referring to the contact subscribing or opting-in to your list.




Hi Pleon

I’ve done everything you’ve said

  • Contact created in AC via API
  • site tracking is enabled
  • Contact added to a list (manually by me)

I can see tracking AFTER contact creation. Brian said “When that visitor is identified by giving you their email address, all the pageview data from the past will be attached to their contact record.”

I don’t the data from the past. This is really hurting us and making us reconsider AC. It is critical to know what pageviews the contact did prior to engaging with us.


Hi @Ravi,

Definitely understand your frustrations with this. There could be a couple of things at play here. So, I would suggest contacting Support so they can dig a bit deeper into this for you.




@Ravi did you ever find a solution or workaround for this? AC support told us that it’s not possible, but obviously it was a feature at one time. We’re starting to seriously reconsider AC because of this issue.