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Alternatives to Photoshop & Lightroom

The other day I was poking around Techcrunch, and I came across a feature on Polarr’s new version.

I checked it out, and for a light photo editor, I thought it was superb. I found it very intuitive and sleek.

So, it got me thinking - if you don’t have access to Adobe’s suite of products, what are you using to edit photos? What do you use to produce your images utilized in your campaigns?

With such a heavy emphasis on well-crafted creative in marketing, how are you keeping your production agile, yet quality?

We use Canva alot these days to design creative for emails. With pre-built designs/templates it makes it super quick and easy to create some great image layouts. The other great feature that it has is that you can share designs with people. So we can share a design with a client, meaning that they also have full control over the creative if they ever want to make a change to it.

As a designer, my default was always to go to photoshop. But more and more I find myself opening Canva instead.


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Ok, @mavndigital - I wanted to give it a little time but, I LOVE Canva.

I just posted about my love for Photoshop on another thread. It will always be there for me, but as I evolve, tools like Canva will keep me agile, savvy, and most of all very productive.

I was slightly embarrassed that I hadn’t heard of it before, but I am a full supporter now - thank you!

Got any other tricks or cards up your sleeve?

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Hey @Ted - I love Photoshop too & have for quite some time… but Canva is a tool I just can’t live without these days. For quick and easy pre-built graphics, it’s just invaluable. (Nice little Aussie Startup too).

So glad it’s been helpful to you. As for other tricks… I’m always up for the latest tech or software, I’ll let you know if I find anything else I think is useful… maybe it’s the topic for a new thread “apps we couldn’t live without?”


As a graphic designer, I always love to edit the photo and love the Lightroom. If you wanna find out Photoshop & Lightroom alternative then I will recommend you to choose Luminar. It’s amazing and so user-friendly.

Last month I was so busy and there was no time to edit photos. One day on of my friends Nayan Chowdhury who owner of clipping path company recommends me to use Canva or Placeit. Canva such as an amazing photo editing tool but Placeit makes me crazy because they got lots of photo editing features that I love it.

Canva seems better alternative to the PS

I use Gravit and i absolutely love it! Very similar functions and easy to learn. There are web or app options.

I have yet to try out Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher. They seem to be good alternatives. They functionality is growing and they come at a one time price (for now).