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Already existing subscriber not getting confirmation email for lead magnet


Hey everyone,

I have a lead magnet (challenge) that I just discovered people who are already on my list cannot subscribe to, as they’re simply not getting a confirmation email.

I’m not talking about recognizing their email in the system and redirecting them to a thank you page as @ncempreendimentosdig’s post. I just want to make sure that even if someone is on my list and they want to receive a magnet, they will get the confirmation email for it.

How can I do that exactly? I’ve tried this with my own email and nothing seems to work, unless I create a separate list for each lead magnet.

Would really appreciate some help with this!

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If I’m understanding correctly you would like to use the Confirmation Opt-In email to deliver your Leadmagnet? And since they are already on your list they are not receiving the confirmation email (since AC will not require someone who has confirmed to confirm again)?

The easiest way would be to offer your Leadmagnet for download on the Confirmation Success Page. So contact’s that are not subscribed will receive the confirmation email, upon clicking the link they will go to the success page and download the Leadmagnet.

For contact’s that are already subscribed once they opt-in for a separate Leadmagnet they will immediately be redirected to the success page (without needing to confirm) to download the Leadmagnet.

Would that work for you? I can’t think of a case where you would want your contacts to confirm their email address multiple times for a separate offering after they’ve already done it once.


Thanks a lot for commenting on this, Chris!

I have dedicated pages to send people to when they opt-in with details on what happens next, so yes, I use the confirmation email to deliver that lead magnet and confirm the subscription at the same time (for new subscribers).

I was using the API with Thrive Leads, so I believe this is the reason why it wasn’t working and nothing was triggered on AC. I switched to using the HTML code for the form instead, and now it seems to be recognizing an already existing subscriber and directs them straight to the pdf they wanted to get.

I also tried using a tag and a separate automation for this, but it seems to deliver the magnet two times, so the best solution I found was using the HTML form. It would have been great to know about this limitation with the API though, because it basically makes it useless when you’re using Thrive Leads (or any other third-party tool for lead generation).


Ok. Glad you figured it out.

Now that you mention it I’ve been 3rd party form integrations less and less for the exact reason you brought up. Each 3rd party platform handles the API differently and very rarely do they attach the browser cookie to the contact record that AC does when you fill out a native form.


Yes, thank you! Hopefully it’s all going to work properly now.

I completely understand why you wouldn’t use third-party integrations. It’s quite a bummer, because if you’re new to AC and just add the API and do things as you normally would, you may just think things will work out only to find out later that nothing’s really happening, no tags are applied or automations get triggered. So having a place like this to look for answers is definitely helpful.


Has this been resolved because I’m having this same exact problem. I’m have people signing up for my lead magnet on a Thrive Leadform and I deliver the lead magnet via AC BUT NOTHING IS SENDING OUT!

Is my only option to use the AC HTML form on my beautiful Thrive website?


@LBorgens I’m not sure if it has, but the AC html form is not actually changing anything – it’s just another way to link your automation with your website. I never contacted Thrive about this and haven’t checked their support forum for this issue, but it seems theres something with the API that is not exactly working right.


I’m having the same problem. Does that mean I need to create a different thank you page for each form I create with a link to the PDF I want to give to subscribers?