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Adding multiple custom fields together



new to ActiveCampaign, and have been loving what I’ve done so far, I do have one question (as of now).

I’ve found a way to add a numeric value to a custom field, but didn’t see a way to add the value of two fields. Is there a way to add 2 or more custom fields (whether they are customer or deal) together?

For example:

custom-deal-field1 = 2
custom-deal-field2 = 3

I’d like to perform math operations on custom-deal-field1 and field2 and store the value either into custom-deal-field2 or a new custom-deal-field3. is this possible?



I figured out a solution, though it sorta works…

I was trying to add/subtract field2 and field1, what I ended up doing was an if/else loop, looping through field2 number of times adding/subtracting 1 to field1 each time.

I did run into an issue, it appears that this will loop a maximum of 3 times, and then exit the automation and hang up on my conditional check.

is there a maximum number of times you can sequentially go through an if/else loop?



Talked with Maggie in support, she mentioned I need a 5 minute wait before I go to my if/else loop for subsequent checks. testing now.