Adding a reason when deal is lost



we are looking into tracking reasons why our deals are lost. So we want to know if there is a way we can add a note or automation that will ask or provide a list of reasons why a deal was lost and added to the contact history.

the main objective is to collect data that we can use to learn why we are losing deals. and our first approach is to learn what are the reasons for losing the deal.

One way I believe it can be done is by (assuming that we can add multiple notes that will not be overridden)

ex: automate a task “to add a note” when a deal is lost (this is my first intuition)


create a custom field (note) that can live in the contact’s profile (problem is that there could be multiple notes and I believe they will get overridden if I do this).

Questions that come to mind:

-would the note be attached/assigned to a deal?
-Would the note be assigned to the contact profile and history ?(emails, notes, tasks, etc)
-Are notes not possible for lost deals? (notes go away once a deal is lost)

Is there any other options to accomplish our objective.

any help would be great!

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You can absolutely automate adding a note to a lost deal. Doing this will not override any previous notes added by you or the system. Instead of automating a task, you would actually just choose the “add note” action under the CRM.

Like this:

And then you’d set up the action to look for a lost deal in particular pipeline.

If you use a custom field to capture the note, the automation would actually override the value if a contact travels through the automation more than once.

To answer your other questions:

  1. Would the note be attached/assigned to a deal? Yes, if you select the automation action “add note” under the CRM.

  2. Would the note be assigned to the contact profile and history? If you add a note to a deal, it will be attached to the deal. You can still see the information from the contact record, but if the deal is ever deleted, the note will be too.

  3. Are notes not possible for lost deals? Notes can be added to a deal with any status and will remain on the deal even if it is marked as lost.

If you need to talk through the automation strategy, feel free to book a 1:1 session with the Customer Success team.

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