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Add contact from Outlook

I believe this is not possible as a standard features but how are people adding contacts from Outlook email client? - manually?

Hey @cobblestonelearning,
I see other integration providers have this for free. Check it here -

That is very helpful thanks so much. Got it working using the Add Contact trigger from Outlook. So when you add the contact in Outlook they are automatically in ActiveCampaign.


That’s great to know! :slight_smile:

Hi @cobblestonelearning! I’m trying to add my MS Outlook contacts to Active Campaign as well. Can you maybe show me how you were able to do this?

You can reach me at



Did you click the link above for You need to sign-up for free and enable the activeCampaign integration for Outlook and enter your account information.

Once you save a contact in Outlook, it then automatically is added to activeCampaign.

It works OK. The email and company name come in, but not their title or Industry or other fields.

ActiveCampaign still seems poor in this area when trying to add contacts and emails from Outlook in AC. It’s still a manual process.