Add a new deal manually X List



I need to add new Deal, but the Contact does not exist.
So I went to Deals and added a new Deal manually, I fill out the info for the Deal and for the Contact.

But the problems is: this new Deal creates a New Contact but the Contact have no List associated.

I also tried to create a new Automation to associate a list with that contact, but there was no Trigger for new Deals.

Any suggestion?



Hi @brognolinegciosimobi,

Great question!

You should be able to go into that specific contact and add them to a list manually. Here is a picture of how to do this:

Here is a help doc. showing an alternative way to manually add a contact as well:




Ok Thanks.
But is there a way to create an automation to assign the list? Is there a way to trigger an automation once the Deal is added?



Hi @brognolinegciosimobi,

Ah thanks for the clarification!

You could do something similar to the below. Create a pipeline that the lead would be entering and then subscribe them to the list:

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It works for me.



Awesome! Happy to hear that :slight_smile: