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ActiveCampaign contacts to Google Ads


Let me explain what I would like to do, in hopes that someone can tell me if it’s possible/how to implement this idea:

  • Lead expresses interest to me while on phone call, but isn’t ready to book a consultation yet
  • Add tag “interested”
  • Adds to automation that will:
    • Add them to a Facebook custom audience so ads appear there
    • Creates a site message prompting them to “book a consultation”
    • This part I’m curious about Targets Google ads at them (i.e. follows them around the internet wherever Google ads are supported)

Assuming I have site tracking turned on, and as such I’ve planted a cookie on their machine, is it possible to add leads to a “Google custom audience” (similarly to the Facebook custom audience) so that my ads show up wherever Google ads are supported?

Any advice, help, support would be much appreciated! Thanks!