3rd party internet lead sync


I need to automate the uploading of 3rd party leads. I get up to a 200 leads/month, but scattered throughout each working day. I cannot wait until the end of the day to make bulk manual uploads. It is time sensitive and the leads need to uploaded/worked immediately. Currently we’re doing it manually :sob:

I receive the leads in my email inbox and just need them to auto sync with AC. Is there a middle man for this process or is there something in AC that would allow me to do this?


You should see Zappier.com

hope this helps!


I should have mentioned that I tried zapier. Its not taking the iLead from my gmail account and translating the data in a format that I can absorb. It combines the data fields and makes it unusable.


Hi @anri33586,

I think your best bet is using the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension. Should speed up the deal creation process quite a bit.

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You could also try using Zapier, but with the Email Parser Trigger/Action


Which part of the zap is the email parer trigger/action?


Hey @anri33586,

Instead of using the Gmail trigger, you would use the Email Parser Trigger. See screenshot:


Using the email parser means that you have to forward emails to a specific Zapier inbox then use the parser to strip the relevant information. Easy to forward specific emails matching a criteria within Gmail. However if you can, just use the “new labeled” email option within Gmail and label the incoming emails as leads, then use Zapier to connect to Ac. Pretty simple.


How are you collecting these leads? Are they completing a form on a website? Can the use something like Gravity Forms to automatically direct the contacts into AC?