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When to use "Wait until is not currently in an automation"

When would be a useful time to use “wait until is not currently in an automation?” I inherited an automation (screenshot below) and realize everyone gets stuck here (5881 queued), because, well, they are in an automation.

So in my case, they are in the “Master - Outreach Flow” automation, so this wait will be…forever? But my understanding is any time this wait condition would be used, they would be inside an automation.

I think to fix my bug, I can change to “wait until not in automation #27 - XXXXX” and that solves the problem. So my 2 main questions:

  1. Will releasing 5,881 from the queue at once cause any problems inside Active Campaign?
  2. When is a practical time to use the “wait until is not currently in automation?” Meaning, when would this condition be true, if it is always used inside an automation?