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Using deal-level custom fields as variables in content


We have contacts who place orders in a custom shopping cart.

We want to be able to send separate email marketing for each order they place. Using deals to track each order with its own custom data related to that deal would have been the perfect solution for sending deal specific content.

Unfortunately, we just read the only option for using custom fields in content is for custom contact-level fields, not the deal-level custom fields. This was pretty astounding to us.

Has anyone found a work around for utilizing custom data in content for multiple deals or orders for a given contact?

I then thought about using orders and creating our own deep data integration. I’m not seeing custom fields being supported in the deep data integrations.

Right now all we can do is store the latest custom order data in the contact-level custom fields, and this is a huge frustration because we can only address a single order with the contact instead of multiple orders, and if they place a second order and the custom data is overwritten then automations get out of sync and things go haywire.

Deal-Level Custom Fields and Automations