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Update custom date field by +12 months

Hi there,

I’m looking for some help. We have a custom date field that is applied to members of an institute. We are trying to automate the renewal process so that when somebody renews their expiry date is updated by 12 months.

I’m really struggling to get this to work.

My approach is to use Google Sheets to provide the calculation. So I need the existing expiry date to be entered into one cell, and then the next part of the automation updates the contact with the new date from the same SS.

Is this possible?



Hey Alex!

What platform are you using to manage the memberships? Is the expiration date pulling from that section? It might be easiest to just integrate that platform with ActiveCampaign, as the only option for updating this field in an automation would be to add a wait step for 12 months, and then update the field with the current date.

If you don’t have an integration with the membership platform, are you just adding that information to the Google Sheet once they renew?



Any updates on this feature? I need to update a field for when a support contract ends based on their last purchase. I.E purchase date plus 12 months.