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Reports - two quick questions

  1. I would like to specify the dates when running a report for a particular automation. I don’t see how to do that. I only see the total to-date stats. Suggestions for how to specify a date range?

  2. When I go into Reports > Automations, I only see one of my Automations (even though I have ten Automations set up). Why is that?


No one knows the answers to these two questions?


Hi @moemuise!

Great questions - let’s dig into them!

Currently, the ability to specify and highlight dates for particular automations is not availible, but a feedback item has been added by my teammate @jsanz :slight_smile: Here’s the link, and I’ve added three upvotes - Feedback Forum Link

A slight workaround to find those who have clicked a link in a certain email on a certain day would be to build a segment with the parameters of having “has clicked ___” + in campaign X.

You can however, sort by date range in a single campaign by navigating to Reports Page > then under the first tab “Campaigns” you’ll be able to see the different campaign specified metrics.

If you go into Automations, you’ll see those that have interacted with & completed your automations. In addition, if you implement our new Goals feature, you’ll be able to see the conversion rate of those goals under your Automations tab. See below:

Hope that helps, and let me know if I need to clarify anything!


Thanks, @Ted. I’ll look over these options and post here again if I have additional questions.


Six months later, and it’s still not possible to filter reports by date range. This is an absolute basic reporting feature that every other email service provides. Am I the only customer who likes to specify date ranges when viewing open and click rates?


Hi Moe,

We’re revisiting reports now. It might be a little bit longer before we get to updating that particular report, but I can say we’re aware of the shortcoming and agree. We see your point, we just haven’t gotten to it yet.

If you have a minute, upvote this (related) feedback item that will help us prioritize this update with other features. I didn’t think the issues were related at first but apparently, from a development perspective, we have to take care of the one I linked before we can take care of the one you raise here (in relation to reports).


Thanks, @Brian. Much appreciated.


@moemuise - Did this ever get done? Did you find a solution?

I’m in the same boat (although now over a year after your post.)
Just moved a client from Drip to AC due to date based automation triggers (which can’t be done in Drip).

But now I can’t even give a client any reports on sign ups each month, goals completed and so on.

Such a fundamental reporting ability that doesn’t exist? How do any agency’s using AC provide their clients with reports?

I’m actually disappointed in how AC missed quite a few basic concepts that all MA software has. I don’t get how they were missed in the first place.

Really hoping this is sorted asap.


I agree. And do you realise this thread is 2 years old?!

It is actually embarrassing when trying to report back to clients. I have to export to Google Sheets via Zapier and count the rows of entries.

Come on AC. This is a fundamental requirement. Your reporting is painfully inadequate.



@moemuise @marsheredancestudios Hello,
I’m John, I am the Product Manager for the Reports team. I was not the product manager of this area previously when Ted and Brian left their individual comments so I can only slightly speak to where we were at that time. That said, I did want to drop you an update to where we stand in regards to reports in general.

Right now we’re hard at work on a what we’re calling ‘Custom Reports’ and these will be available for our Enterprise customers very soon. This functionality will allow you to create charts and tables full of any data in your account’s database. And yes, these will be able to be filtered by date ranges.

As our Enterprise customers use this functionality we’ll use data from it to help inform where we go next in reporting and continue to iterate for all of our customers from there.

The first area we’ve got coming is a brand new Deal & Pipeline report. We focused on CRM / Sales reports first as that was our weakest spot in general for reporting. This will be available for all of our customers with Deals CRM access. This, along with all new reporting includes date range filtering.

In regards to Automation reporting, there is nothing specific to automations planned or under development at this time. That said we’re looking into ways we can make smaller tweaks to our current reports to improve them and we’re aware that date range filtering is something people would very much like so I will definitely investigate what this would entail and how feasible it would be and consider it against other popular requests.

I hope this offers some clarity. It’s probably not exactly the answer you’re looking for but I feel transparency is better than leaving things hanging.


John Morrison


Hi John. As a number of others have mentioned in these forums, it is important to me to be able to to specify the dates when running a report for a particular automation. I am a Plus user, and this seems to me to be basic functionality that is available in your competitors but not in AC.

Thanks for your attention.


Thanks for the feedback. We’ve redistributed how reports are handled internally so I’ll make sure to hand this off to the Automations team.



It’s 2019 and we still can’t set date ranges in reports!

I’d like to see goal completion rate in a set date range (for example: 2019-01-01 - 2019-01-31 goal completion rate was 5,5%).