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Referral url website tracking

Hi, when a user submits on my landing page, is there a way to know the referral website url he comes from?

For example, if I post my landing page link on a fb group (e. G. Facebook.Com/groupXYZ), I would to know exactly that url.

Thank you!

Click on settings -> Tracking, under Site Tracking, set Enable to on. On the Website URL, add the url of your landing page on the space provided.

On the Tracking Code, copy the tracking code on your landing page.

If your landing page is only 1 page, just uncheck “Include all website pages” but if it is multiple pages, make sure to put the javascript code on all pages and return the check on “Include all website pages”.

On the conversion page, add your landing page url to Conversion Triggers, URL = Matches = (this is where your landing page url goes).

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