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Monthly Product Update: November

Monthly Product Update: November

Product Releases - November 2019
Want to stay up to date on what’s new and improved in your ActiveCampaign account? Here, we share brand new features, enhancements and platform performance improvements every month.
Below we list the top product releases from November 2019.

Announcements :loudspeaker:

Before we look at Product updates from November, here are some activities coming up this December.

  • Interested in building with ActiveCampaign? We’re inviting developers to help us change the way businesses create amazing, one-to-one personalized experiences to deepen meaningful relationships with their customers.
    Find out how to build with us.

  • Our Study Hall events are where ActiveCampaign experts and staff come to you to share best practices so you can focus on growing your business. Check for upcoming Study Halls at your location.

Automation :gear:

  • New: Predictive Content is here!
    (Available on Professional and Enterprise Plans)
    • What is it? Predictive Content uses Natural Language Processing and turns segmented emails into a sophisticated marketing engine that can offer customers an individualized experience.
    • How is it Useful? You will now be able to use a Predictive Content block in campaign emails to send more personalized content to each of your contacts, depending on the likelihood of each contact to engage with a given message.

Ecommerce :shopping_cart:

  • New: Ecommerce Report Dashboard
    • What is it? This new dashboard enables you to visualize and understand how your AC marketing channels are impacting your key eCommerce metrics.
    • How is it Useful? Using this dashboard, you’ll see information from your store, such as the average order value, total revenue, the number of returning customers, and more, all in one place.

  • New: Introducing the new product block for Shopify!
    • What is it? Shopify merchants can now easily add products from their Shopify store collections to ActiveCampaign automation emails and regular campaigns.
    • How is it Useful? No more manually entering in product titles and descriptions, and uploading images - everything is automatically synced from your Shopify store! This makes it simple to set up emails like win-back campaigns or post-purchase follow-ups to suggest specific product lines.

CRM :clipboard:

  • Enhancement: New contact Export page

    • What is it? A page to view and download your recent contact exports.
    • Why is it useful? We’ve rolled out export improvements on two fronts, improving usability and experience. First, exports will run much faster thanks to performance improvements.On the experience side, we’ve created an export page where users can view, download, and rerun their recent exports. Whereas before export downloads took place in a user’s browser, this page downloads the export in the background- meaning if you close your browser, laptop, or lose wifi, the download will still complete.
  • Enhancement: Improved ActiveCampaign Chrome extension!

    • What is it? The enhanced layout and functionality now make it easier for you to update your account without navigating away from your inbox.
    • Why is useful? You can now get more work done in less time and update crucial information with just a couple of clicks. Download the extension here.

Mobile :iphone:

For iOS

  • Enhancement: Redesigned Deals tab for iOS.
    • What it is? The new Deals experience makes it easier to manage deals and comes with performance updates. Now you can stay on top of your deals, wherever you are! Install the app for your iPhone or iPad here.
    • How is it useful? There are three reasons why this enhancement is useful:
      • Seamlessly drag and drop deals across stages as they progress through the pipeline.
      • A brand new experience for creating Deals allows you to capture relevant custom field details and manage multiple contacts in one go.
      • The revamped Deals search option makes it easier to find what you are looking for on mobile.

For Android

  • Enhancement: Updates to ActiveCampaign’s Android experience
    • What it is? We are continuously improving deals and tasks to make it easier for you to close more deals! Download the Android app here.
    • How is it useful?
      • Make collaborating with your team easier by re-assigning tasks to teammates.
      • Seamlessly update the deal stage by using the new drop down directly under the Deal’s title, without having to edit the entire deal.
      • You can also manage multiple Contacts on a deal - updating the primary contact or removing additional contacts directly from your android device.

Security :lock:

SOC 2 Type 2 Audit Completion

Announcement: ActiveCampaign completed SOC 2 Type 2 audit!

  • Overview: ActiveCampaign is proud to announce that we’ve successfully completed our Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 audit.
  • What is it? SOC 2 Type 2 is a compliance audit that provides more oversight into an organization, specifically around how data privacy and security is performed, how vendor management is handled, internal corporate governance, risk management processes and other regulatory insights.
  • More information: More information about our audit can be
    found here.

So, what do you think of the releases? Comment below with your thoughts and watch this space for more product release updates next month!

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I LOVE the Contact Export Page! Thank you for this!

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