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Monthly Product Update: January 2020

Product Releases - January 2020

Want to stay up to date on what’s new and improved in your ActiveCampaign account? Here, we share brand new features, enhancements and platform performance improvements every month.

Below we list the top product releases from January 2020.


Announcements :loudspeaker:

Before we look at Product updates from January, here are some key activities you can get involved with this month.

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Integrations :link:

New: Google Sheets CX App with Automation Action

  • What is it? The Google Sheets CX app allows you to seamlessly connect Google Sheets to ActiveCampaign, and update rows with contact data without leaving the platform. This is ActiveCampaign’s first direct integration that includes built-in automation action.
  • How is it useful? With any trigger in ActiveCampaign, a new row of contact data is created in Google Sheets. It is accessible in a new CX Apps section in Automations. Log into your ActiveCampaign account and find the Google Sheets CX app in the Automations section to set it up. Setup instructions are available here and are live in our Help Center along with a separate article for FAQs here.

Ecommerce :shopping_cart:

Update: Display discount code on order receipt

  • What is it? When a discount code is used in an order, the code itself will now appear in the order receipt on the contact profile.
  • How is it useful? If multiple discount codes are used in an order, a line for each individual code will appear on the order receipt. Merchants can now have a complete understanding of which discount codes their customers used.

Conversations :speech_balloon:

Update: Saved Responses available for inbox composer

  • What is it? You now have the ability to leverage Saved Responses within the Conversations unified inbox.
  • Why is it useful? With Saved Responses, you can create and reuse common messages and responses for both chat and email communication channels. You can also keep these responses organized by category by managing them in Settings / Saved Responses.

Please note that at this time personalization tags and text formatting are not supported in Conversations through Saved Responses.

Update Editing Standard Fields on visitor detail pane

  • What is it? Agents now have the ability to add and edit Standard Contact Fields for a known visitor.
  • How is it useful? Within the visitor details pane, an agent can manage these fields within the context of a Conversation without having to solely rely on gathering this information through the auto-reply capture form or manually adding them directly on the Contact Record overview page.

Reports :chart_with_upwards_trend:

New: Campaigns Performance Report now has updated metrics to reflect campaign sent date

  • What is it? You can now filter campaign results based off of the date the campaign was initially sent,
  • Why is it useful? This enables a more holistic view of the campaign’s engagement over time.

New: Conversion Attribution Report

  • What is it? In order to identify trends across customers’ journey, you will now be able to uncover common touchpoints that ultimately lead to conversion.
  • How is it useful? Using a Last-Touch attribution method, you can now measure the effectiveness of marketing sources and mediums that span the attribution window in order to maximize customer engagement.

Mobile :iphone:

Update to iOS: Links on any iOS device now open in the CRM Deals App

  • What is it? When you open a link to a deal on an iOS mobile device, it will take you directly to the relevant deal (if you have access to that deal) in the ActiveCampaign mobile app.
  • Why is it useful? Seamless access to the correct deal on your mobile app saves you time whether you are sharing links or clicking through AC notification emails. Get the iOS app here!

New to Android: Campaign Reporting (Beta)

  • What is it? This initial release introduces a Campaigns tab that surfaces the most recently sent Campaigns along with the open rate, click rate, and unsubscribe-rate.
    • In order to access this tab, you must have Campaign reporting permissions.
  • Why is it useful? Having the ability to access your campaign reporting from anywhere gives you the freedom to work flexibly and know how your audience is interacting with your campaign. Get the Android app here!
  • Coming soon: Campaign report details and much more. In the meantime, we welcome all feedback through the survey link available in the current view or reach out directly to us at, we would love to speak with you!

Updates to Android: Updated deal cards + improved deal filtering

  • What is it? Deal cards now surface the primary contact or account on the deal in order to make it easier to identify the relevant deal. You can also filter by deal status (Open, Won, Lost or All deals) and deal filter settings will persist between app launches.
  • Why is useful? This makes it easier to find the deal you are looking for with identifiable deal details and you no longer have to reset deal filters each time you launch the app.


Update: Deal Permissions

  • What is it? You can now choose to only allow users to see deals they own. You can remove visibility to other deals by removing the “Enable Group Access to All Deals” permission in User Groups.
  • Why is it useful? Prevent team members from seeing each other’s deals to drive focus on their own pipelines.

What do you think of January’s releases? Comment below with your thoughts and watch this space for more product release updates monthly in 2020!

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