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Issue with uploading data using API


Our client is ActiveCampaign user. We are updating the custom fields in ActiveCampaign using API.
I am from the technical support team and while uploading data through API, I am getting following error:

"You are not allowed to add global custom fields"

Can you please help us with this? Other clients using ActiveCampaign are not facing this issue.


Hi @testcard!

Please send me a DM and we’ll get you set up with our technical support team :)!

Hi Ted,

We are using ActiveCampaign PHP library ( to connect, create lists, fields into ActiveCampaign. Also to download and upload data, putting values into custom fields.
We have been successfully doing this for many of our ActiveCampaign clients.

But for this particular client,, we were not able to create custom fields. But few fields did get created. So we created rest of the required fields manually.

Now when we are trying to populate data into these custom fields, we are getting error response from ActiveCampaign api as :
“You are not allowed to add global custom fields”

Please advice. Let me know if you need more information.


This is really urgent. Any update on this?

Hi @testcard!

I’ve opened a support ticket and DM’d you the number for your reference.



I face the issue updating a contact field using API as well Manual update. The activities field dont update that a contact is updated as well Automation dont trigger when a field updates. Please help