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Is it possible to use dates in Conditional Blocks in Email Templates?


We want to display a text box if the user has a current coupon code that hasn’t expired, this data is in two custom fields in our contact list.

Something like:-

You still have a valid coupon “asasss”, which expires 2/1/2019

But you don’t seem to be able to filter on dates, like current date + 3 etc. It seems to be only set up for strings or numbers in Conditional Blocks?

Hope that make sense, if not please reply.


Gary Fawcett

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That seems useful - I’d be interested to know the answer too.

i am also interested

No, showing the current date in Email templates is not possible, there is not any conditional tag to show the current date. But you can do it by using javascript but most of the email got spam because of irrelevant use of scripting in email templates.

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