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I'm Mike, I help people open/operate companies in Hong Kong



I’m an American internet marketer in Asia now for 7 years. I have a podcast and developing agency that helps people setup and operate their company in Hong Kong.

Been slowly learning the methods of MA, and now deep diving into getting Event Tracking to work in conjunction with the AC CRM. Lots to take in

See everyone in the forum,


Hey Mike!

Glad to have you! Tell us your story? How did you wind up in Honk Kong?

Have you checked out all of our documentation on event tracking and CRM? If not, let me know and I’ll snag them for you.

Also, there is another thread where I thought you would enjoy sharing your perspective: Do you know of any regional/cultural differences when it comes to marketing in other countries?



Thanks Ted,
Great to be here - ended up on this side of the world when doing my e-commerce business for a few years and needed to buy from China.

Came out in the end of 2007 to visit trade shows and factories. Loved the energy and “insanity” so much that I thought I’d stick around for another 6 months.

8 years later, still here! Now I’m focusing on helping others setup in Asia for their global business.

Happy to be on AC and in this forum. Will try to be more active.