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Do you know of any regional/cultural differences when it comes to marketing in other countries?


We recently had some of our remote employees visit the office. Some of them are from other countries, so naturally there were conversations about regional differences in speech, manners, customs, etc.

This got me thinking… I probably have a very U.S.-centric view of marketing. I’ve always targeted U.S. markets so I’ve given very little thought to what might be different about marketing in another country.

So, I’m curious, does anyone alter their marketing to conform to what is acceptable or different in other countries/cultures?

If I were sending an email to contacts in, say, Brazil, Singapore, and Greece, would I need to do anything different (other than hire a good translator)?

Has anyone noticed that something works better (or worse) in different regions of the world?

I'm Mike, I help people open/operate companies in Hong Kong

This was what I studied in undergrad, and yes, things like tone and personalization are probably at the top of the cultural difference list. For example, if a culture was such that price always negotiated, and part of how someone showed respect, a big fat BUY TODAY! button in your email is going to bomb.


That is exactly the kind of thing I was wondering about (negotiation versus “buy now” at set prices).

So how would you handle that? Would you ask them to reply with an offer? Seems like it would be resource intensive, but I guess for big-ticket items it would be worth it.


it depends, of course, on the culture, and the offer, and the context of the offer; but one thought would be to make your call to action about visiting the store, getting directions, etc. Something that prompts them to come in, which is where they’re going to negotiate anyway.


There are both practical differences and cultural differences.

Practical differences are things like, erroneously assuming that everyone is able to pay online with a credit card - yes, they exist, even inside Europe. Venture out to Russia then, and you’ll be dealing with local banks, cash on delivery and other assorted peculiarities.

The style of marketing then… yes, certain fundamentals apply everywhere such as appealing to emotion. But on top of that, if you realize that Scandinavians appreciate science and tradition whereas Italians appreciate aesthetics… you’ll be able to market in a way that is more natural to them.

I write sales copy in two languages and have had it translated to more, it’s possible but you gotta know what you’re doing…


When I’m marketing for UK-only clients I’m careful to use UK spellings, and GBP £, whereas we use US language/spelling and $ for international clients