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How to send campaign to Top Contacts?

How can I send to my Top Contacts?

The icons don’t help any. Is there a way to convert that field of icons to a list? Or even to export it as a .csv then reimport it to become a list?

Or to designate those in that icon field as a segment?

Looking forward to hearing there’s a super simple solution I’ve overlooked. :slight_smile:

Hi Patricia!

You’re not overlooking anything, that’s not possible at the moment, but that’s great feedback.

I’ve got two alternatives for you…

You can do an Advanced Search for opens of campaigns and clicks on campaign links until you’ve winnowed your list down to a small segment of highly engaged contacts and then create a segment out of that.

You can use scoring to identify your top contacts by engagement by incrementally increasing their score each time a campaign is opened, link is clicked, web page is visited, etc.

Am I missing something? I’m using the scoring feature, but I can’t find a way using Advanced Search on the Contacts page to find contacts with a score above a certain number. Engagement score doesn’t seem to be a parameter in Advanced Search.

You should be able to. Here’s what it might look like:

Your scores are under the “Contact Details” category of the segment builder. Make sure they are active too (or they won’t appear there).

Let me know if you run into any trouble.

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HOW IS THIS STILL NOT A THING? This person here and I can not be the only people looking to be able to export a .csv of our most active clients from the top contacts page?