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How to send an email the next day at specific time

Hey ActiveCampaign Community,

I have some time-sensitive emails that I would like to send in an automation. These emails go out daily but I’d like to have them sent at a specific time.

From what I’ve learned, if I say wait for a day then it bases that wait based on the time someone joined a list i.e. if someone joins a list a 3AM and I wait for 1 day then it’s going to wait until 3AM the next day.

I also noticed that doing something like “Wait until time is equal to 9AM for up to one day” is like saying wait until 9AM or 24 hours has passed".

So what if I want ActiveCampaign to wait until a specific time the next day i.e. tell AC to “wait until the next day at 8AM”?

If you want emails going at a specific day of the week or time, you do that with “Wait” settings in automations. Here’s a quick example automation showing that:

Or now you can choose predictive sending that allows the system to take into account variables for the contact to choose the best time.

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And what if you don’t know which day a customer subscribes? In the example you say "wait until the current day of the week is “TUESDAY”.

In my example I don’t know at what day they subscribe but I would like to send an email every workday at 09 am. So when people subscribe at 03 pm and I use “wait for 1 day” then they have to wait too long. I don’t think there is something like “wait till next day”, right? Hope someone can help me.

I simply use 2 wait steps. 1st one is wait for 1 day. 2nd until 8 am.

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