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HOW TO: images size on mobile

Hi guys! A new Active Campaigner here!

I’m struggling with my email signatures. As a tipical signature i’m trying to add an image and a text (mi pic + my name).

On desktop it’s pretty nice BUT on mobile the image appears fullsize and i don’t found how to resize it to appear smaller on mobile…

Does anybody know how to do it? ^^’

Thank you very much for your time! :slight_smile:

Hi pablomarketer

I’ve got the same problem. I managed to solve it by increasing the right padding of the image. You won’t notice the change on desktop, but it looks better on mobile devices.

Nevertheless, the scaling of images on mobile seems not to work for campaigns. Images are displayed fine on desktop, but as an email is opened on mobile (in my case iOS gmail), the images appear full size, which does not look very professional. It would be nice if this issue would be solved by AC.


I have this exact same problem! ActiveCampaign really needs to fix this. All I want is to drop my signature and headshot image into the bottom of the email. Looks great on desktop and completely blown out on mobile to larger than it is on the desktop.

So i’m new to AC aswell. Haven’t tried this myself, just throwing it out there:

Is it not possible to create a conditional block, showing a smaller version of your picture only on mobile and the larger one on desktop?

This is a certainly one of the drawbacks to AC email builder. This is most obvious when incorporating header or footer logos. Without an easy way to have responsive images within the builder, I’ve resorted to creating new files within InDesign or Illustrator where the logo is smaller (i.e. significantly more padding on each side of the logo) within the image frame. This allows for customizable display for desktop view, but when viewed “full size” on mobile, the logo image will appear much smaller. It takes a little testing to get the right size, but this workaround is the best I’ve come up with so far. Hoping AC makes it easier down the road.

you may look into the web development agency to rebuild the template. This is quite common issue as the standard templates provided by ActiveCampaign doesn’t consider such customization requirements.