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How to edit campaign labels


Hi there. : )

How can I edit the campaign labels (delete label, change name, color)??




Hi @happydoctormkt,

This help article will lay out all of your options, thanks!



Thanks Vera, but this doesn’t help me :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue myself! The only options to edit campaign labels seem to be under other sections (such as automation), and since I don’t use those other sections I can’t change campaign labels.

I reached out to the support email as well, so I’ll follow up if I receive a solution.


Yes, and it’s so simple to solve it. Let’s wait :slight_smile:


I received this response, but it did not work for me?

There’s currently no way to fully manage that in the current interface — our teams are aware and we have it on our roadmap to develop an actual labels manager that will allow full management of labels (no ETA on this just yet).

That said, if you need to delete a label at the moment, since labels are shared across all features, there’s a workaround:

  • Go to “Forms”
  • Select a form (any will do) and add the label you want to remove to that form
  • Once that label is associated with the form you will be able to click the pencil icon next to the label (
  • And then hit “Delete” to delete the label from the ActiveCampaign account (


I’ve tried this and it isn’t working… the labels ARE removed from my current automations, but NOT from the list of available labels when I want to apply a label to a new asset

I have a dozen or more old labels that I don’t use and I would LOVE to get rid of the clutter (and to make sure none of my other users chooses them by mistake!)

What’s the ETA on a real label management screen???


It doesn’t work for me either and only deletes the label from the Form and not ActiveCampaign drop-down lists