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How do I create an email campaign with check box consent button for GDPR?


How do I create an email campaign with check box consent button for GDPR? I cannot find this anywhere!


Hey there!

Since most email providers will not load Javascript embedded in emails, it is best to use a button that links to a form with the consent checkbox, as described in this article:

Please let us know if you have any questions!



While I understand that email won’t generally allow a consent checkbox within the email, is there a way to get around having them fill out a form again when they do click through to the consent page?

Can the ActiveCampaign system track the email user through from the opened email so they simply can go to a page with the checkboxes for consent without them having to give their name and email again?


Hi there!

I would recommend using personalized URLs so you can autofill those fields when they get to the form. You can quickly set that up by following the instructions in this guide:




Hi @mguse,

I read the article and I noticed that the link to the Privacy Policy was added via “html custom field”, is it possible to add that link directly in the text of the checkboxes? 59dc2e6f-386f-445f-b708-70dbe56b8644

Thanks in advance for your help


Hi @stefanocomizzoli !

At this time, that field is text only, so you won’t be able to add a hyperlink. However, I would drop our Product team a note to let them know that you’d like the capability to add HTML to custom fields:




If you integrate the form with the full embed code, you can modify it searching for the term “Privacy Policy” (or any other word you want generate an hyperlink) and add this html code that includes the term:

<a href="yourlinktotheprivacypage" target="_blank">Privacy Policy</a>


Thank you. I’ll try right now :wink:


Hi @mguse ,
according to the GDPR the privacy chechbox has to be empty in a form and filled by the user.
At the same tiime it is necessary that the checkbox is filled to get the data.

How can I get both things in HTML?

Now in my draft I am getting the thankyou message even if the checkbox is not filled, even if settled as “required”
Thank you