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How can I add content to multiple-choice checkbox field during import of CSV file?


I’m trying to import new data to my existing list of contacts in Active campaign, Data is in excel spreadsheet and I can save it in CSV file.

Problem is that one of the fields in AC is a multiple choice checkbox custom field. I need to tick some options on some of the contacts. I have this new information in external file.

When I run the import contacts option, the value in this custom field gets completely overwritten. I loose past data. I want to e.g. add new choice to customer but keep the existing options checked as well.

I tryed to add || in front of the value in the CSV file but it doesn’t work. Is there any other special character which AC can interprete? One for adding choices and maybe one for deleting them?

I searched the knowledge base but cant find any solution.

Thanks for help,

P.S.: We are planning to automate the process of adding information through an API, but until we do this we just have to do it semi-automatically :slight_smile:


I have the exact same problem.
Does anyone know the answer to this?

Thanks for any help


Yes. I got the official reply which you probably won’t like :slight_smile:

Currently what you can do is to export the existing data from Active Campaign (AC) to CSV file. Add new data to selected custom fields. If field is e.g. multiple choice then you need to devide data by ||. Save the table in CVS and import CSV to AC.


Thanks for the update, Gregor.

You are right. This was not the answer I was hoping for

I know it can be done the way you describe it, but I guess both you and I agree this is not a good solution at all.
It means a lot of extra work each time we need to update (not overwrite) a custom field of multiple choice or check boxes by an import.

ActiveCampaign really need to address this issue. I guess you and I are not the only ones with this kid of challenge.



Yes, I agree. I did give them a suggestion, how they could upgrade the online import feature. I don’t think it would be a huge undertaking.

Now we wait and see :slight_smile:


Hey, same issue here… VERY annoying IMHO.

With a BIG database, how do you download any contact that actually has any checkbox value ticked and not the others? At the moment I have to do a multiple OR condition with each value … it’s fine with 5 values but tomorrow I’ll have like 20 … that’s just wrong. I can’t waste my time like that. :wink:

AC, please advise?


It kind of is a ‘huge undertaking’ and really outside the AC core features. Try they focus on what you need to do. Connect AC with a free test account using the API key and map your primary key (email address) then use the ‘Upsert’ function.


Can I download forums to my system to refer to at a later date? Is it possible to download as PDF or will I need to save the HTML File and use utility HTML converter:


Hi @davidnash04,

Can you clarify what you’re trying to achieve here?