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HELP! Problem with email from and reply to fields

I’ve been setting up my first automation and am having issues with the from field … it has automatically added my gmail address to the field and give it a span rating. When I try to change it to my custom domain it has worked on a couple of the email but not the rest!! Its driving me a bit crazy as its been 3 days now of trying different things and testing it.

Also when the emails are delivered when I test the automation the reply to field comes up with this …

errr any ideas? I’m sure its obvious and I’m missing something so any help gratefully received.


Hey Jessica,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. We can definitely help, but we’d need a bit more detail - ie, what campaigns did you try but were unsuccessful at changing the from address?

Regarding the long reply to field, this is actually due to how we track replies. If you choose to enable reply tracking, ActiveCampaign will set a reply-to email address that we manage. The email will still be from your “from address” but if someone replies it will be directed to an email similar to (

If you’d like to follow up to this, please email and we can help you further, or you can visit us anytime in live chat as well. If you email us, you can copy/paste the correspondence from here so we’ll know where to start.


Hi Jordan,

is there a way to avoid the long and cryptic reply-to address?

Can I e.g. change this to a customer domain like or forward through to (



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This is my question too - to personalise the Reply To field.

Here is how you can edit the “Reply To” email address (as well as the “From” address):

  1. Click the gear icon on the upper right side of the Email Designer screen (the Designer where you edit/create the email)
  2. Now you will see this pop-up where you can edit the “From” and “Reply To” email address


Please see my earlier response (from September) with regards to the long, “Reply To” email address (ie, There is no way to avoid this if reply tracking is enabled. (In other words, if you want to avoid this, you would have to turn off reply tracking.)

For further questions you can reach out to us directly >

Thanks Jordan, this is helpfull.

However, if I cannot change the cryptic reply-to-address (I just cannot accept my clients replying to a cryptic email that is not similar to our normal domain), I will probably have to track the replies manually.

Is there a tutorial on how I would to this? Do I set up new automations for different replies like: a) interested, b) more information and c) not interested?

How do I incorporate the reply content into a new automation?


Hi Jens, I completely understand - unfortunately, there is no tutorial on tracking replies manually. For further help, please reach out to us directly >

Hi! Just wondering if this issue is something that ActiveCampaign is working to resolve? Will the reply address one day be the same as the sender address, even with Reply Tracking? And if so, how can I make sure to be notified when this is changed?

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