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Gravity Forms and Zapier - Enable Double Opt In/Confirmation Email

I have situation where I am using a Website platform That uses Gravity Forms to create landing pages.
However, I don’t have access to the WP Dashboard.

So I am using a Zapier connection for Gravity Forms - I am using
the “New Form Submission” Trigger. Work greats!

However, I need to be able in ActiveCampaign, when this new " Form Submission" zap is triggered,
to enable Double Opt In and send a “Opt In Confirmation Email” –

How do I do this ?

I understand that in A/C that confirmation opt-in is tied to forms, not to lists.
So, if I understand this correctly, I need to be able to tie “The new Form Submission” in zapier
to a form in A/C ? If that is the case, how do I do so ?

I am sure this can be done. Just not sure what I am missing ?


Fred Bartholomai

You can’t do it because you add the contacts data through API

If you use a solution like MailOptin, you can select an AC form that has double optin enabled and when a user submit your form, they will be emailed the double optin confirmation.

Here’s the guide How to Create WordPress ActiveCampaign Forms