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Emails being blocked by Microsoft Office 365 security

Hello, in the last week or two, we have started to receive complaints from users on our email lists that they are unable to click a link in our email newsletters. When they click the link, the page they receive is a Microsoft Office warning that reports our page as “malicious”. They are not given the option to proceed to the site.

ActiveCampaign support has indicated they are aware of this issue, but that there is nothing they can really do about it as it is a problem that Microsoft needs to resolve.

Is anyone else experiencing this and if so, have you found a solution? Thank you.


I’m also experiencing this issue for our internal employees. Can I ask if the complaints were from internal staff or from external? Any more info you learned from support here? This is a huge issue if it’s external.

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It’s external. ActiveCampaign is essentially saying there is nothing they can do. Our next step is to remove link tracking from our newsletters as we have no choice.

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We are also having the same problem.

We use Outlook internally, but have only received this complaint from external email addresses.

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We have turned off link tracking which has solved the problem. However it makes ActiveCampaign more or less useless to us. Hoping they can figure this out, otherwise we’ll need to find another solution. We do send emails through another provider as well and this problem is NOT happening with those emails.

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It seems that Microsoft is deeming all AC-related mails as spam.That is contrary to what 93 other mailservers do. The Only server which refuses my mail through AC, and now my mail-address altogether is the one from Mickeysoft. That goes for,, and I think AC should have a chat with the guys form MS. In the end, this is just a simple setting in their server…

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Same issue here. AC what are you doing to fix this with Microsoft?

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We’ve just started experiencing the same issue. Links work fine for Gmail client and Chrome.

It’s been an intermittent problem for me but has become virtually 100% of our Outlook emails now (at least to the users who haven’t turned off Safelinks because Microsoft has been throwing off false positives for years). Sadly, I’ve turned off link tracking everywhere I can, but that means we’re getting little data about effectiveness.

In an email discussion with AC support this week, the answer was, “It is an Outlook issue but since it affects our users at the moment our team is working with the Microsoft team as well on our end to make sure they can whitelist all active hosted accounts even if they are reported to prevent that.”

Since this has been an ongoing issue, I asked how a resolution would be communicated. The answer was “There is no current way of notifying but if you want you can post it in They usually respond once it is addressed to you directly.”

Sadly, I am working with another provider for our onboarding sequence, but that means we’re having to use two systems. I hope this can get resolved soon as I like AC, but business is business. For external customers to be told our emails are “unsafe” simply isn’t something we can accept long-term.

It is hard to believe that this would help you, but I though to mention it anyway.

I had an issue with non-clickable links in my email in Outlook as well. The solution which worked for me was making sure that in one block I am not using an image + a link at the same time.

The solution can be found at Or more specifically at

We’re seeing this issue too.
A user forwarded us an email doing it and it’s almost like Outlook replaces the acemlna dot com link (AC’s tracker?) with vadesecure and arakyta.

We’ve just started to have the same issue - looks like its been going a while. Is there really no solution yet?