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Do not track specific link by default

Hey everyone,

I’ve set up a subscription management mechanism to be accessed from the footer of emails (submit a form, automation (un)subscribes you from selected lists).

I have another automation that adds and removes ‘engaged’ or ‘disengaged’ tags based on if contacts clicked links or visited my website.

The challenge: when someone clicks the subscription management link in the footer, it’s counted as an ‘engaged’ action for the automation, and that contact’s status is ‘reset’.

I don’t really want to count the click on subscription management as a sign of engagement. The contact might use the form to unsubscribe from everything, which is the exact opposite of being engaged, but still get the tag ‘engaged’ because of their click.

I know I can prevent that link from being tracked on a per-campaign basis. But what I’m really hoping for is the option to disable link tracking on that particular link on every instance that it shows up on.

Is there maybe a parameter I can add to it, to prevent link tracking?