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Custom unsubscribe page?


Hi there,

Is there a way to create a custom unsubscribe page? I basically want to give users the option to receive less emails rather than unsubscribing altogether.

Right now when people click ‘unsubscribe’ in an email they are unsubscribed right away rather than confirming on the page.

When they click the link I would like to give them the option on the page to unsubscribe altogether or to receive fewer emails (selecting this option would add them to our less frequent list on AC)



Hi @thebigdeal,

If you build out a landing page with a URL you can personalize the unsubscribe link in the footer. As for giving the option of to what degree they wish to unsubscribe, there are different unsubscribe personalization tags that can be used to do this. Check out this help doc.that describes what I think you are looking for.

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I don’t think I quite understand. Are you saying I can create a custom unsubscribe page and link that from the footer for my website?

Thanks for the help!


Hey @thebigdeal,

Sorry for the confusion. If you create a custom unsubscribe page then you are able to link to that in the footer of campaigns and other content that would contain an unsubscribe link.

If you didn’t have a chance to check out the help doc. I would definitely suggest reading it. It should clear up some of the confusion too.



Hi @thebigdeal,

I did a bit more searching on this and I found this learn doc. on managing unsubscribes that I think you would also find helpful.



I know this thread is a little old but I’ve had the same problem as well. We want to control unsubscription of our users for at least one condition (The non marketing one) via our own back end user control panel. There does not seem to be a way to do this; you HAVE to have an immediate unsubscribe then you can resubscribe them however you want (via automations if need be)

It’s a shame


Hi pleon, hi AC team,

I’m afraid the original question has not yet been answered and I now have the same.

Is there a way to create a custom unsubscribe page? The information you provided, pleon,

If you build out a landing page with a URL you can personalize the unsubscribe link in the footer.
does not seem to work, as AC automatically adds another unsubscribe button in case i modify the URL of the “original” one.

Also, the help doc you were pointing to only describes how to modify the “footer”.

Hope to get an answer on this!

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We had sort of a similar issue. The way we made it work is by not using the default unsubscribe page, but rather create a form with a radio box, where contacts can choose what types of e-mails they want.

That form is connected to an automation (triggers on form submit), and with the IF/THEN statements you have total control over adding to and removing from lists, and also adding tags to remember preferences.

The form gives you a URL, which you can use by adding a link to your emails or your templates and naming it Unsubscribe.
Just be mindful that ActiveCampaign will add its own footer if it doesn’t find a reference to %UNSUBSCRIBELINK% in the email (i.e. you may add your link to your custom Unsubscribe page, but it will add its own).
My workaround for this was to leave their link in the e-mail, but color it white.

Hope this helps.


I created a custom “manage my subscriptions” page on my site, which syncs up a user’s preferences for which lists they want to opt themselves out of back to my ActiveCampaign account.

I used Gravity Forms for WordPress, but this AC automation can be adapted to other non-WordPress forms.

See my video walkthrough of the entire setup here:

Hope it helps!


Hi Brian, thanks for a fantastic tutorial. It seems important to make the Name and Email read-only. What do you suggest? How to do this?