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Can I have a Form NOT overwrite existing field values?

If an existing user fills out a form, I would like at least SOME of the fields to NOT be overwritten with new values IF there is an EXISTING value.

Is there any way to do that?

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Hi Clay (@bungalowsoftware),

Assuming I am understanding your question correctly; if the existing user has any pre-existing information for the fields on your form, they will see that information pre-populated. If a contact sees a blank field, then that means they do not have any information for that field.

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I do NOT want the existing field to be repopulated (or “overwritten”).
Is there a way to PREVENT a user’s data (field in Active Campaign database) to be changed by resubmitting the form again?

If you are in the options tab in a form, go to the “Advanced” section. You will see a check box. Checking the box results in blank field submissions replacing existing data. Leaving the box unchecked tells ActiveCampaign to store the original data and ignore any blank submission.

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I don’t want to overwrite existing fields EVEN if there is new data in that form field.

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I don’t think you can easily have a condition in place where a field is not updated ONLY if existing values exist.

You may be able to pull data from an existing user using APIs and then build the condition in Javascript on the front end.



Hi, has there been any update or solutions here? This was three years ago.

Having the ability to have forms NOT overwrite existing data would be super useful, especially for historical data and context.

Ideally, the logic should be: If field on contact record is blank, record response. If field on contact record already contains a response, DO NOT record new response.