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Autoresponder does not send emails

Please help if you can!

I have set up a list, a new campaign with an autoresponder, and my test email works. When I sign up on my opt-in form on my website, the contact is added to my list. Also, I can send a test email of the autoresponder. BUT, the autoresponder DOES NOT send.

Can anyone help, give me tips/troubleshoot?



Paul, did you ever find an answer for this? I am having the same issue.

Hi all,

Not sure if you found what you were looking for but I came across this article regarding autoresponder campaigns that may be helpful.

For all those on this thread, Autoresponders that are set to “send immediately” will only send to contacts added through an ActiveCampaign form. It will not send to contacts added through the API.

If you set a delay of 1 hour or longer the autoresponder will send to them. Otherwise you can set up an automation to trigger when a contact subscribes to a specific list and that would send out to them immediately when they are added to a list.

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Odd that support would not mention this when I reported this exact issue. Thank you.

I know this topic is old but just in case somebody else stumbles onto it, here’s what I did to fix it (when added though an API).

Instead of setting it up as an autoresponder, I just created an automation with the beginning trigger being “added to list”. From there, whenever somebody was added to list, the next action was to send an email.

Hope this helps!

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