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Automatically tag bouncing contacts?

Hi folks …

We sent a campaign. Worked great.
But we also had some bounces - which can be found in the bounces list.
So i started to find all contacts manually … deleted all tags automatically set with the automation.
Corrected email adresses … and put them manually again in the automation.

Is this the “standard” way ?
It would be great if AC would set a Tag “Bounce” or something like this, so that i could create one “correct automation” to do some of this stuff automatically.

Does anyone know another way ?


I think that may be the best way to do it because you aren’t able to begin an automation when a contact’s status changes to bounced, to my knowledge.

Maybe someone else in the community has a creative solution to this…

Hi Brian,
Has there been any more information on this issue of 'Taking action when a contact bounces", for instance has there been a support ticket or idea raised?

It seems strange that I can start an automation on Subscribe or Unsubscribe but not on the third and fourth states of “Unconfirmed” and “Bounced”. I also don’t know if an email soft bounces. Neither the webhooks or automation provide these details.

My feedback is quite simple: “Every Field (Custom or Admin based) must be able to trigger an automation or webhook with full details provided.”


Hi David,

There hasn’t been any discussion around creating a “Bounce” trigger for automations but I do have a workaround for you.

We offer a webhook that sends when a contact bounces. You could send this webhook to a service like Zapier and then use Zapier to start the automation that applies the tag.

Hi Brian,
Yes, we’ve already implemented the webhook and I’ve submitted a request into the ideas bucket.

But i’m afraid the problem just got bigger. The Bounce webhook only fires for an assigned status code starting with 5. If it’s a code 9.1.5, for example, nothing comes out. The only way we know that the email failed is by manually looking at reports or filtering the Contact list. AC is supposed to be all about automation.

So what I’m really trying to convey to the AC team is that I’m finding so many hidden activities and events subsets. It’s as if the existing triggers and webhooks were cherry-picked or confined rather than designed to be expandable. I’m new to AC but have used other platforms, webhooks and Zapier extensively. So my mind is fresh but aware of what is possible and actually available.


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I agree, I am looking at reports as well. I manage AC for several clients and getting notified (or having a notifier sent to the office manager) to chase down would be amazing. Writing an automation for this would be most beneficial for tracking the data.

Hi, bumping this thread because I am currently experiencing issues compiling bounce data. Our bounce rates are very low so the alarm didn’t ever go off that we needed to investigate deeply into those bounces until a very important email went out, only to find that some very important clients didn’t receive the email. Basically until someone alerts us that they aren’t getting emails they otherwise should be and we look into it, there’s not an easy automated way for us to manage bounces.

What I really need is a monthly notification of all the contacts bounced in that month, and I need that to be totally automated. Searching through campaign reports and manually compiling a bounce list for review is a huge time suck.