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Automatically Send Coupon Codes



We use Woocommerce and ActiveCampaign, we can’t upgrade AC at this point to the ProPlan.

Does anyone know of a good wordpress plugin that Activecampaign can use to generate a coupon code, probably using an Rest API call I suspect?

Is this even possible?



I recently used Coupon Carrier (but then with Mailchimp) and it worked great. The Mailchimp integration is native but for ActiveCampaign you need to go through Zapier but will probably work just as nicely. There is a price tag though, around $50/month.


Thanks that does look cool, but a little expensive at the moment for us.

We have a written a script to manually populate a custom field in our contact list, so playing around with that at the moment.



Yeah it’s expensive. Just FYI, I actually recently moved that account from Mailchimp to ActiveCampaign and the integration is native for AC as well.


Hmm, I feel like there must be a workaround using Zapier and Google Sheets, but neither of those would generate the actual codes for you (but Zapier could add the code to each contact’s AC profile).