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Add to calendar button

anyone know how to add an add to calendar button on emails that I am sending out for an upcoming seminar?

Same problem! We want to do a corporate training on Excel, I do mailing for my colleagues and can’t figure out how to add this button. Training next week and I am sure that it is very interesting, before offering this training to the chief, I climbed the entire Internet in search of a suitable company that could hold it and only on the website of this company I hung for a long time. They were able to interest me in their product! It would be very unfortunate if because of my stupidity not all fall on the training.

There are apps for that, for example:

I have also used with success.

I am using Zoom for my meeting. In the Zoom portal in the meeting details, I see 3 buttons to add a calendar invite: Google, Outlook, and Yahoo.

Each of those buttons activate the same link for everyone. So, I copied and pasted the LINK ADDRESS, which is super long and confusing.

Then, in my Active Campaign email and on my website I added buttons that had those links. Whatever service you use to schedule your meeting, webinar etc should have calendar reminder buttons or links that you can use. I hope that helps.

Here is the example of the code that Zoom used. This will be different for every service and every event of course.
I hope that helps!



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