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ActiveMember360 or Memberium or Woocommerce Memberships?


Hi Team - I need to set up a new membership area on my Wordpress + Woocommerce site to sell both physical and digital products (grant/restrict access to courses etc.) Historically, I used Woocommerce Memberships. Is this still a good solution? I would think so, especially the deep data woocommerce integration.

Or should I look more towards the ActiveMember360 or Memberium solutions.



Memberium should work fine for you. The advantage being that unlike WooCommerce Memberships we bring down the ActiveCampaign fields and tags so that you can do much more accurate access control.

  • Dave


Thanks, @wpal Dave.

What do you mean by “we bring down the ActiveCampaign fields and tags so that you can do much more accurate access control”? And who’s “we” :wink:

WooCommerce Memberships give the option to give access to certain pages only to those who purchased a specific product via Woocommerce. There’s deep integration with AC now (or I could use WC-AC hook plugin) to manage tags. What’s the advantage of Memeberium over Woo Memberships?


I’m the developer of Memberium

We sync far more than just the product tags, which lets you do all kinds of back and forth automation, segmentation and content dripping.

  • Dave


Depends on your needs. I personally have tried Woocommerce membership and found it clunky (like most of Woo commerce’s products…) and had some issues with granting people access who didn’t buy something etc. It was just messy. I’m looking into using Active Member 360 currently which has a tighter integration than Woo and any 3rd party plugins probably have with AC — by that I mean how things are tagged and what you can do in terms of granting access etc. I haven’t fully utilized it yet. If you’re wondering why one might use AC360 over Woo Memberships it’s because I’m not currently using Woo as my payment processor. I’m going to be using Thrivecart and no real need for W00.


Thanks @gordoncreative, appreciate your insights. I was using Woo Memberships for 2 years and had no real issues, but I am tempted to test Memberium/AM360.


@ActiveMember360 Robert - do you mind sharing your insights here? Thx!


Sure. Once I get everything setup I’ll let you know. I’m using it in conjunction with LearnDash now but not done building out the course so that access part isn’t crucial at the moment.


@gordoncreative any reason why you’re using Thrivecart and not Woocommerce?


Hi @rebelsagenda, I have stumbled across this thread as I have exactly the same need.

I have been using Paid Memberships Pro which is (barely) ok for access control to a BBPress forum, but I’m going down a similar path, looking at an LMS (probably LearnDash) and wondering whether I need AM360 or Memberium since I have just set up WooCommerce (ideally a single “shop” for the physical and digital stuff).

Following with great interest…!


I had the same dilemma. I’m using Membermouse but it isn’t really designed to handle single products, at least without a headache because you have to create different membership levels etc. I decided to look into using Woo instead to handle digital products and AM360 to grant access to the products they purchase and be able to stream the videos (as well as download). This is still in development but that is the stack I decided on. Since I’m not really running a membership site using Memberpress, Membermouse or some other type of thing doesn’t make sense anymore where as AM360 can “act” like a Membership plugin by granting access and doing a lot more.


Anyone have feedback on which option they’re using and that they like? I’m looking at WooCommerce (Membership & Subscriptions) because of the deep data integration with ActiveCampaign.

I’m on Wordpress and ActiveCampaign.