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Help: Form pop-up doesn't show on site

Hi all,

Currently, I have a small problem when it comes to collecting newsletters. I would like to do this with the pop-up option in ActiveCampaign. Only the site does not show this. All other forms are visible and work as they should. Has anyone else ever had this problem and found the solution? Thanks for the help.

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Hello, I read your post and it is some minor issue like you do not make the proper popup coding so this is why it’s not working. If you have some knowledge about the developments so you can solve with own self and If you do not so kindly hire a professional developer who can work for you. Sometimes these types of problems is automatically generated. I know everything because I already faced it these type of problems. I have a website of the best assignment writing service that helps the students and sometimes these problems automatically create it. Well, I hope you can solve with own efforts If you have a website and some knowledge.

With Poptin you can create responsive popups for your website including exit intent popups , floating bars, slide-ins, countdown lightbox, full-screen overlays as suggested by Student Life Saviour

If you published and your pop up form doesn’t appear on your website, you are sure that your form location URLs correctly setup. After integrate the righty set location URLs popup form may not to show display for some reasons.

1st your ActiveCampaign tracking code isn’t installed on your website.

2nd your pop-up form has been previously rejected or submitted.

3rd your pop-up form is set to show a chat widget or input survey in the same place.

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Hi, I gripped an older version I had from another website - swapped the plugin files with the older version and it works now. That is not a perfect solution, but it is a working solution. Sort your act out, guys!

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