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Zapier, Custom Deal Fields, and Gravity Forms


Hi Campaigners,

I’m a relatively new user to AC, and I’m loving the Custom Deal Fields - thanks for making that happen. I’d love to begin using these custom deal fields in combination with Gravity Forms and other sundry integrations.

  1. Do you know when Zapier might be compatible with custom deal fields?
  2. Do you know if another API service is already integrated with custom deal fields?
  3. Do you guys have a work-around that integrates Gravity Forms with custom deal fields?




I asked about this in the Facebook group and the short answer is no. Custom Deal Fields are not yet compatible with the API or any integrations.

I don’t even think it’s possible to use GF and Zapier to get data into custom contact fields and then use an automation to copy it over to custom deal fields of the same name.

So basically CDF are manual use only for now.


Yeah, thanks for the input! I may have found a couple work arounds.

First, tagging can be combined with automation to update custom deal fields and you can use custom contact fields to temporarily store deal information and then use automation to move that information over to the deals.

These are imperfect solutions, but at least you can update deals. Although, now that I think about it, I haven’t tried these solutions yet - so there may be glitches yet to figure out.

Thanks again,



+1 for Zapier integration