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Wordpress or Wishlist Member Intergration


Hi Caseron. What exactly do you mean by “Wishlist Member Integration”? I ask because there is already one built-in with Wishlist.


Hi @Ted
Which integration did you mean? The Wishlist Member one or the MemberMouse one?


MemberMouse is the one that needs to be integrated.


Hey @zumfusion!

You had mentioned integrating ActiveCampaign with MemberMouse without having to utilize Zapier - we’ve had a lot of interest in this integration and if you’ve built something, I would love to share it with the rest of the AC community.


While I could create a production ready plugin that will integrate AC with MM, I did a quick search and came across this existing solution:

Does this do what people need it to?


Hi @zumfusion!

The connector/plug-in looks fantastic. From my perspective it was built to truly facilitate the cross-functionality of the two platforms. Thanks for the find and I’ll make sure to give you some cred when I pass it on! Thanks again :slight_smile:


This is an interesting discussion. I am using AC and looking for a member management and event app for off-line meetings. There are specific apps specifically for this but we’re hooked on AC automation so are reluctant to lose it as most don’t have API’s with AC. Is anyone aware of someone using a combination of something like Membermouse - AC and an events management app? Cheers


I 2nd that. Exactly what I need to move forward. Have you already requested it?


Hi @4n1!

What events are you planning on hosting? Meet ups? Networking events? Happy hours?

Lmk, and I’ll be able to make an app integration recommendation!


I worked with a coder who now has a plugin that syncs S2member ccaps to tags in AC as well as levels to AC. You can contact him directly to get the plug-in here. works great for me. I’ve been using it since beta and he’s updated some features since.


There’s another one here:

(I’m not affiliated with it)


Pardon the self-plug…

A new WordPress membership plugin option, built for and around ActiveCampaign is ActiveMember360.

As you’d expect, it integrates with ActiveCampaign, but also WooCommerce, WooCommerce Subscriptions, bbPress, LearnDash, Advanced Site & Event Tracking - and much more to come, including BadgeOS in a few days.



I know this is from a few years ago but wanted to see if you are still using a Wordpress membership plugin with an Active Campaign automation? If so what you settled on that works well.

I also own a fitness facility and am working to build this automation:

Client purchases a fitness service > User created in Wordpress membership plugin > Automation triggered in Active Campaign to drip content to new client.


Hi @Martin and all,
Are you still use “Wishlist Member” and still want AC connect with “Wishlist Member”?
I have totally the same request as yours.
I found that the only solution is to upgrade “Wishlist Member” to 3.0 , so you can use AC to connect with “Wishlist Member”.
Which is, when you add a contact in AC’s list, it seems can create a member level for the contact in “Wishlist Member”.

But it cost a little money to upgrade “Wishlist Member” to 3.0 and buy zapier. (that’s ok, it is not expensive)

I do not want to change another membership plugin, because there are too many data in my “Wishlist Member”.

Are there any better solution?

Thanks in advance.