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Wordpress or Wishlist Member Intergration

Hi there,
I’m a recent convert to ActiveCampaign, have to say I totally love the automations

Anyway, I’m looking to see if there’s a way I can create a user in (ideally) Wishlist member (the Wordpress membership plugin) or just Wordpress from within an ActiveCampaign automation

I’m thinking Webhook here as Zapier has no current integration available

When a user purchases one of my products (I’m a Gym owner, so it’s a training package) they also get access to an online resource that’s secured by Wishlist. I know it’s possible in InfusionSoft as a friend of mine does it.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience setting it up?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi, Martin! I have a very similar question, but I’m using s2member.

Would like to know is it possible to integrate somehow s2member and AC?

Ideally I want a new member inside wordpress is created, and the email with login&password is sent to that customer, and new automation is triggered.

Any ideas?

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Hi guys - @Ustin & @Martin,

We currently integrate with the following member management solutions:

Check these out, and know we also have some more in the pipeline that I’ll update you on as they are released!

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Ted invited me to this thread to talk about Kajabi as an option for your membership sites…

So, what is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a SaaS product, meaning it’s cloud-based. Rather than installing a script and plugin on your Wordpress site, you can have everything all loaded and ready to insert your content when using Kajabi.

Kajabi is good for membership sites, course and digital download content.

ActiveCampaign doesn’t integrate directly with Kajabi, but if you use SamCart for your payment system…that does. SamCart can send the customer data to ActiveCampaign as well as the to Kajabi to automatically create the user logins for your members/students.

Kajabi is pretty great now, but they have a massive upgrade coming out very shortly. You can check things out here:


It’s already available in Wishlist if you do it the reverse way. Just look under Integrations > Autoresponder. When a new user is registered (they sign up or you use a 1 click registration script), you can assign lists to each wishlist membership level. hth Otherwise, yes. You can just get a programmer to develop a script to do it via webhook.


Thanks Jason, the reverse way won’t work for what I want (used that in the past). I’ve actually just bought the ‘Happy Plugins 1 Click Registration’ plugin which so far seems to do what I want, it integrates with AC so I can create a link in an email that I send out in an automation which once clicked creates the user in Wishlist and sends them to ‘one off’ page that’s only available for 30 mins which displays their login info.

Next step is to find a way of sending that info out to them via AC to try and eliminate support issues

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Hey @ted can you provide more details on the Digital Access Pass integration? I want my Active Campaign account to pass subscribers to DAP.

Hey @enochsears!

Here is an awesome blog post put out by DAP. Make sure you go through the comments, as there is a lot of wonderful insight there. Especially from @mfox - maybe if we ask nicely, we’ll get his thoughts!

Also, here is the documentation necessary to make the integration function.

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Thanks @ted I’m aware of those 2 posts on the DAP blog. I’m trying to use an AC => DAP integration (signup on ActiveCampaign adds user in DAP) but last I talked to Veena (2 months ago) it isn’t working.

Does anyone have this working?

@Ted I recently noticed MemberPress also integrates with AC.

@enochsears, I’ve thought about an AC => DAP integration. I’m sure it’s possible, either by a cron job that checks for an AC new subscriber email notification or via coding a DAP form that’s automatically submitted via a webhook from AC.

I haven’t done either and can’t answer your question beyond that. What, in a lot more detail, are you attempting to do?

@mfox Right now I offer a free membership on my site which is spectacular for lead gen. For a signup form, I want to capture more than name, email and address. I’d like to capture some survey data for segmentation.

You can do custom fields in DAP, but you can’t pass that data to AC. So I have no way to get advanced data unless I use an AC signup form which then passes the email/contact to DAP.

I’d also like to pass the DAP password via AC.

@enochsears, this is what I would do to achieve what you want. It’s not an AC => DAP. It’s DAP => AC but with a couple of steps.

I’d use a DAP form for setting up the initial signup. Then, on the next page after registering, create an AC form with all the custom fields you want, and use DAP shortcodes to prefill the email address as a hidden field in the AC form - the user won’t have to reenter their email address. When they hit submit it will set up the AC contact (if you didn’t originally do it with DAP’s notifications), or update just the contact’s info.

DAP allows you to create a default password for all new accounts and you can have AC send it to the contact. Without custom coding you can’t have DAP send AC the password info.

Creating all the extra fields in DAP is useless since you said you wanted to use it for segmenting. DAP doesn’t do that.

It’s not what you want but it’s a very simple solution to what you want without custom coding.


Can you confirm MemberMouse integration with AC? It’s not on the list on the main site, not on MM’s site, nor is there any mention in the help files.

Would like to get a better understanding of the integration if it exists. I know it can be done with Zapier Email Parser and MM Push Notifications, or FuzedApp…but really want to find out if there is another solution.


Hey Ed @accountabilitysensei -

The solution you mentioned is the most prevalent one I am aware of. So, at this time there is no native integration. I’m sure you’ve found it already, but here is @Ian_Brodie’s amazing documentation of the process.

Otherwise, I am seeing this plugin is under construction and almost deployed (EOW).


HI Martin,

I am a certified Wishlist Member developer and I myself have just switched to using AC.
I have written custom code to do this before from Aweber, so I am fairly confident it is doable coming from AC too.

Also, I can integrate AC with MemberMouse without needing to use Zapier too! I have been working with Eric T over at MM to get a reliable WooCommerce integration and I am about to release it. So integrating AC and MM directly shouldn’t be very hard at all.


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We use MemberPress that integrates with ActiveCampaign, WPCourseware, Gravity Forms and other plugins that make the combination a great way to create courses and protected libraries. We’ve developed with just about all the WP membership plugin and platform. This is the best system so far.


Hey @zumfusion! How is your integration going? If it’s live, I’d love to share it with the AC community. I can think a good handful of fellow users that would love to get their hands on it!

I would also really like to see a Wishlist Member integration. Is it in the pipeline at all?

Hey @caseron!


I see that Wishlist Member integrates with us! Thanks @breakthroughemailmar!

I will still say that we do have a splendid integration with SamCart, which integrates with Wishlist Member currently. Depending on what you’d like to build, this may actually be the better way to integrate, allowing for much more robust functionality. Would recommend checking it out.

Let me know if this is a good route for you!