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Woocommerce Abandon Cart Not working

Hi, I believe the abandon cart set up with woocommerce is not working at all. I have flagged this to support and its been more than a week and there is no updates, no solutions and not even an attempt to troubleshoot. I was really sold on the deep data integration features but it just is not working.

The ActiveCampaign support staff also verified that it is not working. The email contact exists, a cart was abandoned but no reminder emails are being sent.


Hi @passionhome,

I see that you have a support ticket that is being worked on by our dev team and they are working to resolve this for you.

I have also alerted the support team of your post here in this forum.


I am having the same issue and have several tickets open. Did you ever get this resolved?

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Abandoned cart functionality also doesn’t seem to work for me. Is there an update please?

Hello @folioalbums77621,

Looks like you’re in contact with our Support team and they are looking into this for you.


I’m also using WP and Woocommerce and my abandoned cart functionality isn’t working. It hasn’t been working since Wed. May 8th. I imagine there’s some kind of issue on ActiveCampaign’s end. I have a few open tickets and they might all be inter-related. It’s been more than a few days and they’re still trying to fix this.

Suffice to say I am dissatisfied with how long it’s taking and am upset at the loss of potential revenue from this.

Same thing on my site right now. I was working before, and now Active Campaign is viewing all cancelled orders as if they were completed orders instead of Abandoned Carts. My contacts are being updated as if they have completed orders when they have cancelled them. Therefore, my contacts are being routed through the wrong automations daily. This is started to get really frustrating. I have verified all of the webhooks are still present and active. My integrations and connections are green across the board.

Ok, great that I found this thread since I was already starting to pull my hair.
All my abandoned carts are synced over to ActiveCampaign and the status is marked as “Completed”.

Hi All, I am just about to set up Abandoned Cart integration with WooCommerce, but am already experiencing all Cancelled WC orders pushing through to AC as Completed orders - so assuming abandoned cart emails also won’t work for me?!

@CommunityAdmin Has there been any resolution to this issue as it’s a pretty fundamental one for anyone using the WooCommerce deep data integration? The thread has been open for 10 months surely AC have fixed the issue…

@upliftdrones, I’d definitely suggest reaching out to Support to look into the errors you’re experiencing. Thanks!

@CommunityAdmin Has this issue been tested and resolved? This was a big problem for us too in the past, and we had to switch to a Woocommerce --> Zapier --> AC integration to make it work correctly, but for obvious reasons, we’d like to cancel the Zapier step. I have some clients who have Woocommerce stores who are considering AC as an autoresponder, but I’m going to advise against it if the deep data integration is still not working properly, after years of issues with it. Thanks