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Where do you design your emails


Hey all, just wondering what you guys use to design your emails? I’m finding ActiveCampaign’s design feature and templates more and more inadequate.



I tend to go for minimal designs at the moment, but I agree that the whole editing experience in AC is sub-standard. Much of the editor feels like the experience we had in the noughties, comparing it to modern editors.


Our emails have been simplified for mobile devices and I find the editor to be fine. I edit my images before uploading them, so that doesn’t bother me.Just designing the email layout is good enough, IMHO.

The one thing that I feel is really lacking is the ability to include everything when duplicating versions for a split-test campaign. Link actions are not duplicated, so you have to manually set them for each version (tagging each link individually). It’s a slow and painful process.


I personally create text-based emails and use one image of myself/logo in the bottom of the email. The trend right now is the simpler the better. Its very rare when I get an email from someone that I’ve subscribed to that has a ton of graphics… It’s not “en vogue” right now.

The problem with awesome graphics in email is that making everything work for all the various email clients is not easy. And graphics can look unreadable on mobile.

So even if you were to use an email marketing provider that you felt had a more robust image/graphics editor, and I’m sure there are tons out there, that might create a bigger problem. While the editor is limited for graphics, it may be by design to limit readability issues for the end-user…