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What other platforms?

What other platforms other than shopify do you plan to use this with? WooCommerce on the horizon at all?

@Barry - We have BigCommerce coming up next. WooCommerce is on our radar, as we’ve heard many requests for it so far.

@tjahn how would I go about requesting another shopping cart for ecommerce integration (ThriveCart)? They already integrate with AC on a fairly deep level but adding ecommerce data would take it to a whole new level! Thanks!

@sustainablepreparedn - You just did! I’ll make a note for ThriveCart. Thanks!

+1 for ThriveCart. Josh Bartlett is the creator and there is a Facebook group called Thrive Academy which would be good for you to jump into.

What about Stripe? Just plain old direct Stripe integration?

For those with WebApps and people using Gravity Forms straight to Stripe for subscriptions

Ohh and Xero! that would be huge.

Then this means people who don’t sell through online e-commerce could actually segment based on lifetime values and last invoice value amounts, last payment etc…

Payment providers like Stripe are definitely on our radar. I agree with you that being able to sync in regular payment providers can be super useful. I’ve added a vote to our internal ideas board for this feature.

Xero is interesting. I can see the benefit of syncing account/bookkeeping software with us, so even if you don’t have an online store, you can still get all the benefits of the segmenting and such in our software. I’ve added this to our ideas board too.

Thanks and keep the feedback coming!

Hey @Barry, the ActiveCampaign Deep Data integration for WooCommerce is out!


+1 for Stripe and Thrivecart

+1 for Stripe from me too

Fwiw, there’s a ThriveCart Deep Data Integration available now. Check it out here.