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Webook URL not working. Not get request on URL page (PHP)


I want to get contact in my website when create new contact in active campaign.

So i created one webhook and send manually click on button “Send sample data” but not get any data on my webhook page url

This is my code for get post data. and also not go in condition.
echo ‘test’;
print_r($_POST, 1);

I follow this video steps : (

My URL is not working when i send data that time get this error : (Error sending webhook data! (Response: 406))

screenshot :

Please help me what my mistake.


I’m Tim, the integrations product manager at ActiveCampaign. I’ve submitted your info to our technical support team who will be in touch soon. Thanks!


Hello Tim,

Thanks for quick reply, I hope i will get reply today which help me to solve my problem.


Pleas try today any technical support member reply for that problem.
Because this functionality will implement in live website so this is very urgent.