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Webhook for Contact Tasks


I see there are Webhooks available for Deal Tasks Added and Completed. We don’t use deals, but we do use Contact Tasks extensively and it would be really helpful if we could track when they are Added and Completed with Zapier - any ideas?


Make 2 automations, call them:

  • Contact Task Added
  • Contact Task Completed
    No start trigger on either, just add a single webhook to both the automations.

In Zapier, create 2 zaps.
The trigger is Webhook, each URL will need to be populated into the webhook in the corresponding AC automation. The action will be wherever you want the notification to go to.

In the window where the Contact Task is created, in the bottom right corner is an icon that looks like revolving arrows. Click this (Automate this task). Assign the applicable automation for adding a task and for completing a task.

I don’t use Contact Tasks so I haven’t actually tried the above.