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Viewing tags for contacts

Is there an easy way to view which tags a contact has applied to their record in the beta contact view? I can’t seem to find it if it exists. If it doesn’t exist, then it should :slight_smile:

As a refugee from Infusionsoft, I tend to use lots of tags in my automations and am constantly looking to see which contacts have what tags.

A tags tab beside Tasks/Notes/Emails with the ability to apply/delete tags would be perfect

It is near the bottom of the Person Info section, which you have collapsed in your screen shot.

Thanks Barry - I actually found it just a little while ago. I’ve got too many custom fields pushing it down too far.

For this reason (having too many custom fields), I think Tags and Lists as well as the fields Organization and Phone should be at the top. For some reason - all other fields can be re-ordered except for Organization & Phone. I agree with elysiumsystems that Automations and Tags should have their own tab at the bottom as this is something different to Custom Fields and should be displayed separately as in some cases, the list of Automations and Tags could be very long.


I agree. I have so many fields and the most important data for me is tags and lists which now shows waaaay down the screen.
Loving the changes though - thanks so much!


I’ve been paying for both Active Campaign and Infusionsoft for the last 3 months because I just cant decide.

I’ve been with Infusionsoft for years and trying to justify the move but it’s things like this that really scare me.

Not only that I can’t email people based on tags (I have to import them into a list first) and also because I use WpFusion on the website and many WordPress pages are locked via tags. For this reason sometimes I need to view and edit tags easily and I just can’t do that with so many custom fields.

Also I would really like to group custom fields. I have Information about Domain Names, Hosting, Products and custom tabs which I can order and rename along the top with specific custom fields, one for tags and one lists. That would be so nice. Also the ability to broadcast via tag or list would make it such an easy migration but instead I stay up most nights crying into a bottle of wine :frowning:

Regarding grouping fields – it is something we are actually currently working on…


Looks like a great improvement Jason. Would improve usability greatly if they are collapsed by default so you can view the tags easily, or have tags displayed in their own, separate tab entirely.

Ya, we are experimenting with breaking it out into it’s own box like:

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Plus ‘running’ and ‘completed’ automatons on separate lines would be a time saver.

So, 12 months on and it’s still the same…

I hope you’ve had enough time experimenting and implement a better way to collapse/group/hide custom fields and tags soon.