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Variable for custom link for a given email template?



I am trying to create a link to a 3rd party tool (Calendly) which will be customized based on the %CONTACT_OWNER% variable.

Here is my use case:

1- We have 2 coaches (joe and bob) users can book a call with
2- The call will be assigned to whomever the contact owner is in AC ie either joe or bob
3- The Calendly link looks like this:

How do I create a link that is basically�ONTACT_OWNER% and can be used for a given email template?

Thanks in advance


Without testing going to guess Calendly is doing some tweak. How about setup an automation looks at your field of who is the coach and picks the fixed field data point.


Hi @fitbux,

I’d suggest using the “make conditional” on 2 identical blocks.

One would be conditional for " %CONTACT_OWNER% is Joe ", with the link to Joe’s calendly.
The other would be the same, with Bob’s.

This way you’d effectively work around the issue.

Hope this helps!