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V3 Report Endpoints?



I was looking through the v3 and v1 docs today and noticed that there aren’t any reporting endpoints in the v3 api unless I’m missing something?

I guess that means I’ve got to use v1 for that, but I noticed that in actions like campaign_report_open_list there isn’t any parameters for start and end date? I also don’t see any pagination in v1? Without these features I’m worried about the feasability of grabbing stats like opens from campaigns that have been ongoing for some time. I imagine the list of opens and such would grow very large.

Am I missing something here or is there a way to paginate/pass start/end dates with the v1 api?


lol right after I typed my question out I found out that there is pagination with campaign_report_open_list and I can sort by tstamp descending so I guess that helps me work around some of my issues with v1.